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A range of apps to turn your business idea into reality!

Choices Quiz

Is starting a business for you? This interactive quiz will help you determine your entrepreneurial potential. Your score will be marked out of 100. Remember, just because you score high or low in areas, does not mean you are destined for success or failure. Planning, research, and a sound idea all play a part; and the quiz may highlight areas you can work on. Discover your managerial make-up by answering the brief questionnaire to receive a personal profile.


Skills Quiz

The personal audit section will allow you to investigate your preferred managerial style, your wants and needs in the workplace and evaluate your current skills set.We are all different and have distinctive ways of operating; often a broad range of skills and attributes are required to succeed in business. This skills audit can help you become more aware of your own distinctive style and where you might benefit by learning or improving upon skills that you need to utilise.Complete the 25 randomly presented questions to receive a detailed managerial profile.


Big Trip

Focus on what you really want out of life and how you are going to do it, whether you want to get a career, travel around the world or start your own business. Here you will find Action Planning Tools and a CV Builder!


Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential will help you to think through your ideas for business and test your commitment before you take the big step to start your own business.


Finance Action Planner (FAP)

This financial modelling tool will help you to:

  • learn more about a range of financial issues

  • develop your all-round financial skills

  • identify suitable sources of finance

  • create a set of financial forecasts (Profit and Loss/Cash flow)

  • test out different financial scenarios


Livewire Apps
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