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Welcome to Shell LiveWIRE International / Big increase in entrepreneurs for LiveWIRE Brazil

Class of 2013

Iniciativa Jovem

Iniciativa Jovem, the LiveWIRE scheme in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has seen a 43% growth in the number of young entrepreneurs it is helping during its 2013 programme, compared to last year’s. Organisers also report that the number of young people registering for places on the programme also saw a year-on-year growth of 67%.

A three phase process used to select the programme participants is specifically designed to identify the most suitable candidates and instil within them concepts of business innovation and sustainability.

The selection process starts with an online survey created by SEBRAE, the Brazilian Support Service to SMEs and one of the programme partners. Selected candidates are then invited to an interview where they are asked to present a brief outline of their business idea and are asked questions to ascertain its commercial viability.

After selecting the most promising business ideas, the candidates move onto the ‘Ideas Lab’, which involves group activities designed to check the candidates’ entrepreneurial profile. This uses the Empretec methodology, which is a UN programme designed to promote the creation of sustainable SMEs.

Following the rigorous selection phase, the participants of the ‘2013 Class’ were announced on 22 April. The 83 youngsters were then invited to a ‘Personal Development Workshop’, during which they attended three separate meetings which addressed themes including: sustainability; networking; and, ‘life project’. This stage enables candidates to leave their comfort zone and to start thinking outside the box. Organisers say that the programme enables participants to develop new business models, and to adopt different management styles which they were eager to implement in their businesses.

Commenting on the benefit of the selection process, one entrepreneur said: “The activities were very interesting. I’m very glad with the beginning of the programme, the quality of the meetings, gravity and group stimulus. Thanks!”

We wish the best of luck to the current crop of Brazilian entrepreneurs and are looking forward to seeing the impact of the programme on their businesses.


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