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Welcome to Shell LiveWIRE International / Brazilian LiveWIREs receive prestigious Sustainable Development Seal

Shell Iniciativa Jovem

15 young entrepreneurs assisted by Shell Iniciativa Jovem, the LiveWIRE initiative in Brazil, have been awarded the programme's prestigious 'Sustainable Development Seal', acknowledging that their newly started businesses are economically and environmentally sustainable.

The entrepreneurs received their awards at a special presentation in Rio de Janeiro, attended by some 80 guests, including Fabio Caldas, External Affairs Director of Shell in Latin America and the board of CIEDS, the programme's delivery partner.

In order to achieve the Seal, the entrepreneurs had to successfully complete the 12 month Shell Iniciativa Jovem programme which divides into two distinct stages. Over the first six months of the programme, the participants focus on researching and developing a viable business plan. During this phase the budding entrepreneurs have access to the programme's training resources and business development tools, along with access to mentors, other young entrepreneurs and academics for business advice and guidance. At the end of the first stage, the participants have to pitch their business plans to a judging panel which assesses the commercial viability of the business idea. If successful, the entrepreneur embarks on the programme's second stage, which involves starting the business and testing the market's reaction over a period of six months.

Businesses which successfully complete their first six months of trading are then assessed for the Seal under three main criteria: Governance and management; vision and strategy; and, environmental impact.

By receiving the programme's Seal certification, each of the entrepreneurs has demonstrated that they have an economically viable business model and that their companies are environmentally and socially responsible.

The 15 certified businesses represent a wide range of sectors, with ideas ranging from tourism to video production and sport for the blind to environmental consultancy.

Speaking about the impact achieving the Seal has had on his business, Mauana Simas from Nós Todos Filmes said, "The programme was essential for the development of Nós Todos Filmes. I graduated in journalism and had no idea how to manage a company. All the support I received from Shell Iniciativa Jovem enabled me to understand how the whole process is done, and allowed me to develop my business strategy to ensure my company has a positive impact in Brazil.”

Rafaela Bastos of environmental consulting company Nova Guarda added, "I was unemployed and had to walk to the training sessions. The Seal represents the overcoming of the difficulties I went through.”

The 15 businesses will now join the programme's Sustainable Enterprise Network which represents a huge opportunity for these new entrepreneurs to benefit from the knowledge, expertise and contacts of the existing business members, as they seek to establish themselves in the marketplace. Members of the network will be audited each year to enable them to develop their businesses in line with best practice.

Fabio Caldas, External Affairs Director of Shell in Latin America said, "Companies who receive the Seal must be innovative, sustainable and follow the principles of ethics that Shell offers. Joining the Sustainable Enterprise Network is important because young people can form new partnerships and exchange ideas. The working philosophy of CIEDS is aligned with Shell's work philosophy, and this is why I say it's a fantastic partnership.” 


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