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LiveWIRE in Brazil is called Iniciativa Jovem, which means 'Youth Initiative'

Iniciativa Jovem aims to encourage young people with high entrepreneurial potential to start off their businesses, deepen the entrepreneurial culture in the community and stimulate healthy business relations in a network of sustainable entrepreneurships.

The programme helps young people between 20 and 34 years old; the programme is free of charge and offers the following activities:

  • Ideas Lab (1 month): This workshop aims to access those with high entrepreneurial potential in experiential activities, such as interviews, role play, group-dynamics and presentations
  • Personal Development Workshop (2 weeks): During this phase the selected participants reflect on their professional and personal lives in order to construct a Personal Development Plan
  • Business Plan Workshop (4 months): At this stage, participants attend classes on management subjects, such as HR, finance, marketing and strategic planning. They are also challenged to feel the entrepreneur’s reality in business simulations
  • Business Plan Practice (1 month): The focus at this stage is to assist the participants in practical terms to transform their ideas into business plans
  • Business Factory (7 months): Business implementation phase. At this stage, workshops and consultancy services are provided to the participants, as well as a mentoring programme
  • Sustainable Entrepreneur Seal: A jury, composed of experts representing key organizations related to entrepreneurship and business, evaluate the entrepreneurs' new established business on sustainability and structure criteria, in order to award them with the "Sustainable Entrepreneur Seal"

Iniciativa Jovem is delivered in partnership with the following organisations:

  • CIEDS – the organisation that is managing the programme in Brazil
  • Universidade Gama Filho (University)  – access to university facilities, communication consultancy for the start-up businesses
  • Universidade Sao Jose (University) – access to university facilities
  • Firjan (Rio de Janeiro State Industry Federation) – institutional support, assistance for the planning of special meetings and trade exhibitions
  • Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service to SME) – institutional support
  • Argilando (Volunteer-based NGO) – volunteer recruitment
  • Luz Consultoria – consultancy for small businesses

After being assisted by the programme, many former participants join Rede RESIJ (LiveWIRE Brazil Sustainable Entrepreneurship Network) where, along with new entrepreneurs, they take part in periodical network meetings and look for mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Iniciativa Jovem received the 'Special Marketing Award' from ABM&N (Marketing and Business Brazilian Association) in recognition of its success.

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