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Shell InventaGIOVANI

LiveWIRE in Italy is called Shell InventaGIOVANI, which translates as, “Young people invent themselves”. Operating exclusively in the Basilicata region of southern Italy, the programme was launched in 2010.

The programme provides the following services to young people in the Basilicata region:

  • Bright Ideas (one day workshop). Enables young people to develop enterprising ideas, understand more about being an entrepreneur and to inspire them to see that starting a business can be a viable career opportunity for their future.
  • Become a Successful Owner Manager (BSOM). A five day training course covering, in detail, the essential skills required to start and run a small business.
  • Business Counselling. Business advice to help the young person to research their idea and to produce a viable business plan. There is also advice on approaches for funding, and general guidance through the start up process.
  • Networking. International networking is encouraged through the LiveWIRE International social network and discussion forum. Networking opportunities, both in the Basilicata region and beyond, is also facilitated through Shell’s contacts, where appropriate.
  • Advice. Is available from a variety of experts in different business sectors.

Patrons of InventaGIOVANI are:

  • Basilicata Region.
  • Confindustria Basilicata. This is the local branch of the general confederation of industry.
  • Basilicata University. Provides venues for meetings and campus based events with the students.

Supporters of InventaGIOVANI are:

  • FEEM. Local branch of the Eni research foundation. Provides support, information and consultancy through its researchers and experts in various sectors, especially the tourism, green economy and third sectors.
  • Sviluppo Basilicata. Regional development agency and holder of public funding for sectors including micro enterprise and SMEs. (Other sectors it targets include: the green economy; bio-agriculture; and, bio-architecture). It’s a regional financier and incubator for renewable and cultural projects.

The agency also provides business incubator and information exchange services.

  • Basilicata Innovazione. Regional development body, providing venture capital and incubation support for technology and innovation projects.
  • Banks. Provide meetings with young entrepreneurs on the requirements of business plans, bank lending policies and information on financial programmes for start ups.

Collaborating with these partners creates important synergies between the different initiatives for the development of the Basilicata region. It improves the quality of the programme and widens the support offered to young people that participate in InventaGIOVANI. It also brings expert advice from specific business sectors.

The programme is inspiring young people to take an enterprising approach to their careers and is building entrepreneurial capacity in the region. It is also helping to create linkages between young entrepreneurs and research and development institutions.

Since the launch of Shell InventaGIOVANI in 2010:

  • 206 people have participated in the Bright Ideas workshops.
  • 67 people have completed the five day BSOM enterprise training course.
  • 5 young people are currently working on their business plans.
  • 2 young entrepreneurs have launched their businesses
  • 1 is working on her venture in collaboration with Basilicata Innovazione and Enea.

Enea Basilicata (the Basilicata branch of the Energy and Environment National Agency) is an important partner that Shell InventaGIOVANI is working with, and has already provided invaluable assistance to enable the launch of the programme's first start up in 2012.

The Basilicata Chambre of Commerce is another important stakeholder with which IG is developing cooperation.

More importantly, a network of young entrepreneurs who took part in the programme is building up. This enables the exchange of information, ideas and services between entrepreneurs, which fills an important gap in enterprise provision, and is an important catalyst in developing an entrepreneurial culture.

The President of Basilicata, one of the programme’s most important stakeholders in the region, has acknowledged the contribution that Shell InventaGIOVANI is making to young people at a special ceremony for participants who have completed their training programme. Public acknowledgement of the value of the programme has also come from other important stakeholders including, the Regional Director of Training and Labour, and the Presidents of Potenza and Matera provinces and of Confindustria Basilicata.


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