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helpt innovatieve ondernemers verder

LiveWIRE Netherlands  supports innovative young entrepreneurs to help them to make their businesses a success

By providing support and a professional network, LiveWIRE in The Netherlands increases the resilience and the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs. LiveWIRE is targeted at innovative entrepreneurs, particularly because innovation is the economic driver of the Netherlands. LiveWIRE Netherlands is part of the international Shell programme and is run by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( LiveWIRE was launched in the Netherlands in 1997. Since that time, LiveWIRE has provided thousands of entrepreneurs with information, networking and guidance to support the growth of their businesses.

More information:

Participants LiveWIRE Netherlands

Innovative businesses that take part of the Dutch LiveWIRE programme exist no longer than five years. These enterpreneurs market new and innovative products, processes or services. The businesses have already made their first steps in the market, have a business plan and are generating revenue. Additionally, to participate in the annual Shell LiveWIRE Award, the entrepreneurs should be under 35 years pf age. Participating within the LiveWIRE programme is free.

LiveWIRE Netherlands Activities:

  • Shell LiveWIRE Award - Every year, LiveWIRE participants younger than 35 years of age, compete for the prestigious Shell LiveWIRE Award. The winner of the audience award wins €2,500 and the winner of the jury award is granted a prize of € 10,000. Most importantly: the higher a participant is ranked, the more publicity is generated for his or her business.
  • Social media - It is possible to ask questions directly to @LiveWIRENL and to connect with other LiveWIRE entrepreneurs via Twitter and LinkedIn. Furthermore, you can find many inspirational and informative videos of entrepreneurs and LiveWIRE on the Dutch LiveWIRE YouTube channel.
  • Workshops and Master Classes - Meet entrepreneurs who run innovative companies, just like you! See the calendar for various events like network meetings, partner events, workshops and master classes.
  • Accompaniment - In recent years, many entrepreneurs have contacted LiveWIRE for guidance on specific topics like strategy, personnel and marketing. LiveWIRE offers these entrepreneurs support by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Support TNO - For more technical oriented questions, the Chamber of Commerce can request a TNO expert to provide up to 7 hours of support per business.

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