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Shell Intilaaqah Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Launched in 2010, Intilaaqah KSA is an ambitious programme to enable potential entrepreneurs to select, start up, and manage their enterprises successfully.

Targeting Saudi nationals aged 18-35 the programme offers the following enterprise support:

  • Bright Ideas. A one day enterprise awareness and business ideas generation workshop.
  • How to be a Successful Entrepreneur. Module 1 takes two weeks and Module 2 lasts for five weeks. This covers all the essential skills required to start and run a small business.
  • Intilaaqah KSA website. Provides useful tools and resources for budding entrepreneurs, including: Discussion Forum; Business Library; Social Networking; and, Entrepreneurial Skills Assessments.
  • Enterprise training materials, including a version of the “Become a Successful Owner Manager” enterprise training pack, tailored for the Saudi market.
  • Recover Your Business training courses (60 hours duration). These aim to help transform insolvent enterprises into viable businesses.
  • Mentorship training (50 hours duration) to enable people to become business mentors.
  • Business consultancy services.
  • Scientific workshop, worksheets and research related to the development of SMEs in KSA.
  • Awards scheme to recognise and reward outstanding entrepreneurs.

Intilaaqah KSA works with the following partners:

  • The Centennial Fund (TCF). A non-profit organisation, established in 2004 with a royal charter, to help young people achieve financial independence by starting their own businesses. TCF provides Intilaaqah with trainees, and is a possible source of funding for those who produce viable business plans. TCF also provides venues for training and helps entrepreneurs with official papers and licences that they may require.
  • The Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Riyadh) and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, promotes the interests of the private sector by providing research, information, identification of investment opportunities, and other business services to its members. The Chamber provides Intilaaqah with trainees and venues.
  • Riyadh Techno Valley is a science and research park backed by King Saud University to facilitate the development of a “knowledge based economy”. Their aim is to be a regional leader in the development and commercialisation of innovative technologies.
  • Child & Women Centre. They will help us train female entrepreneurs in Hail.

Since the launch of Intilaaqah KSA in 2010:

  • 5,000 young Saudis have been trained by Intilaaqah
  • 8 Cities were covered by Intilaaqah in the kingdom
  • 14,000 young people have visited the Intilaaqah website
  • 80 articles and news items have reported on Intilaaqah activities
  • 500 business start ups

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