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Hall of Fame / Etihad Training Institute


Yousuf Al Hashami
Etihad Training Institute
Samayel, Sultanate of Oman

Turning a failing business into a thriving one is the hallmark of many a successful entrepreneur, and this is precisely how Yousuf transformed his fortunes.

Yousuf had to abandon his school education, aged 16, in order to find work to support his family. Seven years later, he decided to improve his skills in the hope of securing a better job. In order to do this he enrolled on a vocational course at a local training institution. Yousuf’s charismatic personality, and his contagious desire to learn, so impressed the tutors and staff at the centre, that they offered him a job.

After a while it became clear that the training institution was near bankruptcy, but with the heart for a challenge and a burning desire to be his own boss, Yousuf took over the ailing business because he saw it had great potential.

Since then, Yousuf hasn’t looked back. Etihad Training Institute (ETI) has grown to become a leading training provider, employing 13 staff. ETI provides training to hundreds of people each month in subjects ranging from secretarial skills to information technology. Having previously attended a business start up workshop with LiveWIRE, Yousuf is now delivering the training on behalf of LiveWIRE to a new generation of budding young entrepreneurs.

Today, Yousuf is a highly respected local business leader, and the success of his business has attracted a great deal of interest. In fact, he has just turned down a bid of 380,000 USD to buy him out.

A perfect example that improving skills is a passport to success, Yousuf is currently in his third year studying for a degree in Business Administration.


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