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Nashwa Fouad of Funona & Funoon Magazine

Nashwa Mohamed Fouad
Funona & Funoon Magazine
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Combining her love of art with the desire to inspire children to achieve their creative potential is the foundation for Nashwa’s pioneering enterprise.

Graduating in Fine Art, and with a mission to enable children to develop their drawing and colouring skills, Nashwa came up with the idea to produce a groundbreaking high quality children’s colouring magazine.

Nashwa started her business, Funona & Funoon Magazine, in 2006 as an exciting new monthly publication to teach children drawing and colouring skills. Using the latest techniques in the magazine to teach the art of drawing, and employing an editorial team of art teaching experts, the business is providing parents with an unrivalled, fun, educational experience for their children.

Along with stimulating drawing and colouring sections, the magazine includes exercises to teach Arabic handwriting skills, and inspires children to create art forms from recycled materials.

Containing Arabic and English sections, and made from high quality paper that’s ideal for tracing and colouring, it has become the premier magazine teaching the art of drawing and painting in Arab countries.

Demand for the magazine has exceeded Nashwa’s wildest expectations, and each edition sells over 50,000 copies throughout the Middle East. The popularity of the magazine has enabled the business to grow to employ 36 staff, and to establish offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In the future, Nashwa is planning to run innovative campaigns to engage children to be more environmentally aware, and to establish a special academy to enable children to achieve their artistic potential.



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