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Brenda Luciana Silva
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ensuring that visually impaired people can exercise their right to live independently is the driving force behind this socially conscious business.

As an experienced teacher of visually impaired students, Brenda was acutely aware of the daily difficulties faced by blind people, and decided to start her business, AdaptAr, to ensure that their visual disability does not prevent them accessing the widest range of goods and services in society.

Since starting her business in 2008, Brenda has not only filled a large gap in the provision of accessibility tools such as Braille signs, menus, and posters, but has also quickly become a leader in this field.

In just over a year, the business has already attracted over 200 customers across Argentina including universities, hotel chains, airports, restaurants, and other public service providers. As well as providing transcription services for the production of Braille signs, leaflets, and brochures, the business also produces spoken formats and offers training and consultancy on visual impairment issues.

Responding to an ever growing demand, AdaptAr has taken on two staff and has expanded its services nationally.

In the future, Brenda plans to increase her range of products and services, and expects to start exporting.

Thanks to AdaptAr, daily life for thousands of visually impaired people across Argentina has become much easier. Whether it’s being able to read a bill, identify the right can in a supermarket, or having easier access to educational resources, Brenda is successfully marrying her social principles with commercial success.



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