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Rifqi Suprapto of Agri05

Rifqi Suprapto
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Using abundant indigenous ingredients to produce cheaper food and diversifying people’s diets is the recipe to success for Agri05.

While studying agriculture, Rifqi Suprapto felt challenged to provide people with a better choice of healthy, affordable meals.

Rifqi’s inspired solution was to use yams, which are virtually ubiquitous in Indonesia, as a basic ingredient in place of wheat. Yams provide a sound nutritional substitute, and are a considerably cheaper alternative than wheat, especially given wheat’s volatile price fluctuations on world markets recently.

In order to bring the idea to market, Rifqi started his business Agri05 in 2008, in partnership with three fellow agricultural students. The business creates a whole range of foodstuffs from bread to pizza, and from brownies to ice cream. This has proved to be a great success both in providing people with cheaper, nutritious food, and by increasing menu choices for a growing number of people.

Since its launch, the business has come a long way. Turnover has increased by over 45% and the company now employs four full time and 20 part time staff. They have also established a new store called AgriMart, and have over 25 agents distributing their products throughout the country.

As well as achieving great success in marketing their own produce, the business also runs food training sessions to show the community how to use local ingredients to produce cheap, healthy, and tasty meals.

Agri05 is constantly increasing its range of products, and is already becoming a well known company in Indonesia. One of Rifqi’s future goals is to produce yam flour on an industrial scale for the Indonesian market nationally.



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