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Fábio Lewin
Coco Legal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Many successful companies evolve from providing a solution to a problem, and some lateral thinking in resolving a problematic situation helped to spark this business idea.

When Fábio’s father agreed to carry some coconuts to a party for a family friend, he discovered that he didn’t have enough room in his car. As the main requirement was to provide drinks for the guests, he decided that the solution was to carry the coconut water in sachets, and used the water packaging machinery on his farm to pack the water.

The idea was a great success, and Fábio saw the potential to shake up the drinking water market with a refreshing new coconut brand.

Coco Legal started trading in 2002, initially selling coconut water to local gyms. This agribusiness produces and distributes totally natural, unadulterated coconut water. The company has its own coconut field and has developed an advanced technology to harvest the waters. The processing system, devised by Fábio, has been certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, and enables the coconut water to be extracted and cooled to 2°c in just four seconds. This ensures that the waters retain all of their flavour and nutritional properties, giving license to the company’s slogan, “more naturally sweet”.

The company’s production has increased more than threefold over the past three years and it’s expecting to sell 130,000 litres of coconut water during 2008.

Coco Legal is a fine example of a sustainable business. As well as benefiting the local community through providing jobs and strengthening the local economy, it protects the environment by recycling the coconut shells as organic fertiliser. Even their packaging is biodegradable.


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