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Fajar Ciptandi of Dwaya Manikam

Fajar Ciptandi
Dwaya Manikam

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Revitalising the traditional, old fashioned Batik industry by producing contemporary products for a discerning, young clientele is the mission behind Fajar’s innovative business.

Fajar launched his company, Dwaya Manikam, in 2011 to create an exciting new fashion range for the Indonesian youth market, ranging from dresses and shirts to accessories made from batik patchwork.

In 2012, Fajar established a community empowerment programme called ‘Start Empathy’ to improve the livelihoods of women in the Cicadas community. The area has been targeted by manufacturers who exploit female workers with low wages, arduous labour, and poor working conditions. Determined to provide a way out of such unsatisfactory circumstances, Fajar has provided training and employment for a group of 20 women to produce high quality crafts and fashion accessories from Batik patchwork. This has significantly improved their incomes and has equipped them with marketable skills. Start Empathy also runs entrepreneurship programmes to help people make the transition to become their own boss.

Fajar’s vision is to take his Cicadas venture a stage further and develop a ‘Creative Urban Village’ which will become a creative centre for the production of batik based crafts and textiles.

Employing five permanent staff, Dwaya Manikam products are sold across Indonesia and also in Asia, the US and Europe.

Fajar’s aim to develop creative, self-sustaining communities by revitalising the Batik fashion and accessories industry has not gone unnoticed by the authorities, and he has been invited to give numerous training workshops and presentations by organisations such as the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.


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