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Jamie Murray-Wells of Glasses Direct

Jamie Murray-Wells
Glasses Direct
Swindon, United Kingdom

Jamie decided to start his business after being horrified at the price he had to pay for his first pair of glasses on the high street. He felt that customers must be given a better deal, and began to research his business idea while in the final year of his degree course at university. He found that glasses cost as little as 10 USD to make, and eventually found a glasses laboratory to supply him.

Since launching his business,, in 2004 from the front room of his parent’s house, he has gone on to shake the optical industry to its roots, by providing cut price prescription glasses over the internet.

Despite widespread hostility and skepticism from a large part of the optical industry, Glasses Direct is now the largest direct-seller of glasses in the world, selling a pair every three minutes. Jamie estimates that since his business started it has saved the UK public over 35 million USD on purchasing their glasses.

The company has grown to employ over 35 staff, has offices in London and Swindon, boasts a multi-million USD turnover and has just expanded into the USA. Glasses Direct also recently completed a significant 6 million USD investment deal through venture capitalists, which will enable it to expand further.

Glasses Direct is quickly becoming a household name in the UK, and Jamie’s ambition is to make it a global brand.


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