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Marcos Bortolato of Group Solutio Saύde e bem estar

Marcos Bortolato
Group Solutio Saύde e bem estar
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Enabling companies to improve their performance, by enhancing the health and wellbeing of their employees, is the principal focus for this innovative start up.

Driven by a desire to be his own boss, and having spotted a gap in the market for a company providing corporate health and wellbeing solutions, Marcos launched his business in 2008.

Shell Iniciativa Jovem, the Shell LiveWIRE programme in Brazil, provided Marcos with the advice and guidance to perfect his business model, and to ensure his business was sustainable.

Today, Group Solutio has grown to achieve a turnover of US $700k and provides both direct and freelance employment for 50 people. The company’s fitness and wellbeing programmes have also benefited around 30,000 people across Brazil, and Group Solutio boasts a number of blue-chip clients including global travel retailer Dufry, property agency APSA, and social business contact centre Central 24H.

In 2009, Marcos diversified the business with the launch of Academia Fit, a fitness centre in Rio de Janeiro. This proved to be a great success, and provided the company with the financial resources to introduce its next fitness innovation, AKDminha. Revolutionising the fitness industry by ensuring people don’t have to leave the house to exercise, AKDminha provides its customers with their own fitness equipment within a portable gym stepper and uses online software to connect clients with a personal fitness coach. The coach can set the fitness regime, with access to more than three thousand fitness exercises, and monitor and encourage the client’s performance and wellbeing. In its first four months, AKDminha has attracted over 120 users, has established 11 franchises, and achieved a turnover of US $40,500.

Shell Iniciativa Jovem enabled Marcos to showcase his business at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in San Francisco – one of the world’s leading networking events for the disruptive technology sector. Commenting on the opportunity to showcase his business at TechCrunch, Marcos said, “It was a fantastic opportunity for us to see entrepreneurship in a global perspective and enabled us to talk to potential investors from around the world. It was a unique experience to learn from other technology entrepreneurs and to gain feedback and inspiration for our business. For AKDminha, the greatest legacy is that we now know we can be a global business, whilst maintaining our Brazilian roots.”



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