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Julia Vidal, Hall of Fame

Julia Vidal
Julia Vidal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Creating a brand which celebrates and preserves Brazil’s cultural heritage, through design, fashion and performing arts, is what makes this cultural business stand out from the crowd.

Inspired by the contribution of African history to the development of Brazilian culture, Julia decided to start her business to create a brand which values the country’s cultural heritage. As well as building an awareness of the country’s cultural history, Julia strives to provide a heuristic interpretation of the present and to give Brazilians a sense of identity, as well as a contemporary means of celebrating their indigenous heritage.

Julia’s business is an ethnic fashion label that specialises in designer clothing and accessories, inspired by the country’s indigenous and African roots. The business uses recycled fabrics and natural dyes in creating many of its products, and manages to create stylish and comfortable clothing with an ecological and ethical approach. Julia also designs costumes and props for stage and screen performances.

Since 2005, the business has grown to create work for 20 people, including many from disadvantaged back grounds, who work for cooperatives as embroiderers and seamstresses.

In addition to its clothing range, the business also delivers educational workshops and cultural events in schools, and Julia is one of the country’s leading specialists on Brazil’s African culture. As a result of Julia’s education programmes, over 120 teachers are able to give their students a much better appreciation of the country’s cultural heritage.

Already a well known designer and cultural entrepreneur in Brazil, Julia’s reputation is growing internationally too with fashion shows recently in London and Bogota.

In the future, Julia plans to expand her range of luxury items and also to provide brides with wedding couture which embodies their cultural heritage.


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