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Naheed Abro of Marvi Crafts

Naheed Abro
Marvi Crafts
Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan

Sewing clothes to fund her education provided the impetus for Naheed to realise her full entrepreneurial potential a few years later.

Initially, Naheed created Sindhi rallis (quilts) and topis (hats) which she sold in nearby towns. The revenue raised by her enterprise enabled Naheed to achieve an MA in English and Sociology, and she is half way through an MBA.

Buoyed by the success of her enterprise, Naheed decided to expand her business and approached Shell Tameer for assistance and training. Tameer provided her with enterprise training and mentoring support which enabled her to produce a viable business plan and develop market opportunities.

Naheed launched Marvi Crafts as an authentic Sindhi crafts business and has quickly established a reputation for its unique colour combinations and fine embroidery. In fact, the Naheed’s professionalism and the high quality of her products have won Marvi Crafts prestigious orders from leading fashion houses.

Marvi Crafts contracts with 300 women to develop its product range and also has a training house where hundreds of women are trained in stitching, design, patchwork, appliqué and embroidery. These women are also given the marketing skills to enable them to maximise sales, especially in urban areas.

Naheed believes that the rapid expansion of Marvi Crafts is down to the trust she puts in her employees and the sense of ownership they feel which in turn makes them more competitive, efficient and productive. Today, Marvi Crafts achieves profits of over PKR 2m (US $19,800) which is an extremely impressive amount for a new business in Pakistan.

Despite how busy she is meeting orders, Naheed still has time to work for women’s development, saying, “I have faced many hurdles to come this far. Cultural barriers for women are strong – I have to constantly convince parents to allow their daughters to be educated.”



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