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Hebatallah Labib of Nile's Gift

Hebatallah Mohamed Labib
Nile’s Gift
Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Providing premium quality products at competitive prices, using a socially and environmentally responsible approach, is what makes this business stand out from the rest.

Reading about the export of herbs and spices to the European Union (EU), and the market for organic foods there, provided the inspiration for Hebatallah’s business idea. Her husband’s family owned a farm, and were having difficulties marketing their produce and she thought that diversifying into high quality organic and conventional Egyptian grown agricultural products for export seemed to be the way forward.

Backed by a strong supply chain of local farmers, and having some contacts overseas, Hebatallah started her business Nile’s Gift in 2005 to export Egyptian grown herbs, spices and seeds to Europe. Nile’s Gift exports over 20 different products including Coriander, Chamomile, Lemon Grass, and Peppermint.

The business quickly secured a number of overseas contracts, supplying tea companies based in Germany and The Netherlands, and the number of long term customers has grown steadily.

Today, the company has grown to employ 14 staff, and its turnover is around 460,000 USD, which is nearly three times that achieved in its first year.

Key to the success of the business is the strong relationship it has cultivated with local farmers. This along with quality produce, processed by the business, at competitive prices guarantees a fair deal for the customer and for the farmers. Also, long term strategic partnerships with their customers enables the business to operate a cultivation programme which best meets their clients’ needs.

Hebatallah is looking to improve the production process, and plans to diversify into supplies for the cosmetics industry. Her ultimate ambition is to become Egypt’s premier exporter of organic products, operating a sustainable business model that benefits all of the company’s stakeholders.



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