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Amina Ansir of Pizza Plus

Amina Ansir
Pizza Plus
Islamabad, Pakistan

Foreign travel is often a catalyst in developing a business idea, and this was certainly the case for Amina Ansir.

After graduating from college, Amina decided that she would like to run her own business. Her first idea, to provide distance learning courses for housewives over the Internet, was not deemed to be viable upon closer inspection, and so Amina had to think again.

During a visit to Canada, Amina was impressed by the operation of the various fast food outlets, and their use of automation. This inspired Amina, and on her return home she began to see the potential for a well run fast food business in Islamabad. After revealing her ideas to a close friend, the concept for a pizza takeaway and delivery business began to take shape, and after painstaking research which showed the idea was commercially viable, Amina launched “Pizza Plus” in 2006.

Initially Amina borrowed the money to start her business from family friends, and focused on pizza as her main product. Today, the business offers a wide variety of delicious pizzas, burgers, Parathas, salads and coffees.

The success of the business is built on its reputation for offering delicious, healthy, and affordable food delivered with exceptional customer service. Staying ahead of the competition, Amina is about to launch an online ordering facility, and to provide the opportunity for customers to purchase frozen pizzas to cook in the home.

Pizza Plus has grown to employ 15 staff, and Amina is hoping to expand the brand elsewhere in Pakistan through providing franchising opportunities. Her ultimate ambition is to make Pizza Plus a household name.


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