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Feryanto of Pavettia Atsiri

Antonius Dian Adhy Feryanto
PT Pavettia Atsiri Indonesia
Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Turning abundant natural resources into a commercial opportunity, in an environmentally and socially responsible way, is what makes this business a resounding success.

Essential oils, such as nutmeg, pathouly and citronella are widely used in refinery, perfumery, food and pharmaceutical industries around the world. Aware that Indonesia is rich in these resources, Feryanto realised that there was an enterprising opportunity to harness these in an ethical way.

Educated in Chemical Engineering, Feryanto embarked on a steep learning curve to acquire the expertise necessary to develop a suitable production process to transform the raw materials into a commercial product. By 2006, Feryanto and his associates established his business PT Pavettia Atsiri Indonesia (PAI) to produce the essential oils on an industrial scale.

Since the business began trading it has enjoyed considerable success. Production has increased ten fold, and a growing network of farmers supplying the company has been developed. The company has also improved the production process and has begun to share the technology with other producers. The aim is for PAI to become the model for the development of an essential oil industry throughout Indonesia.

In the future, Feryanto hopes to expand the business, develop new essential oils products, and to become a major exporter. Ultimately, the vision is for a fully integrated essential oils industry for Indonesia in which farmers, producers and exporters all play their part. The widely held opinion is that PAI will make a significant contribution to the Indonesian economy in the future.



PT Pavetta Atsiri Indonesia
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