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Nikki Nooteboom
The Netherlands

Sleepless nights for parents of newborn babies are now a thing of the past thanks to an innovative baby sleeping bag designed by an entrepreneur in The Netherlands.

When the traditional swaddling method of encouraging an infant to go to sleep wasn’t working for Nikki Nooteboom’s new baby daughter, she decided that something had to be done. Nikki’s solution was to design a special sleeping bag which minimises the baby’s freedom of movement, but creates a kind of cocoon making the infant feel cosy, calm and able to sleep.

The invention worked so well that Nikki decided to start her own business, Puckababy, in 2004 to produce the sleeping bags which she called “Bakerzak”. The reaction from happy parents, whose babies were now peaceful sleepers, was overwhelming, and Bakerzak proved to be extremely popular at home and abroad, selling 10,000 bags a year through wholesalers and via the Internet.

Following on from the success of the baby sleeping bag, Nikki produced a follow-on design with long sleeves to cater for growing babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years, to enable them to successfully make the transition of being able to sleep with greater freedom of movement.

Puckababy quickly became a well-known brand, and in 2007 Nikki decided to sell the business, and start her next enterprise, De Nootfabriek, to use her skills and experience to assist other entrepreneurs. As well as providing coaching for budding entrepreneurs, Nikki also provides website project management services, and has developed a commercial website to showcase her talent as a photographer.



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