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Salvatore Capalbi of Sara Srl

Salvatore Capalbi
Sara Srl
Potenza, Italy

The growing popularity of natural cosmetics is a trend that Salvatore Capalbi is planning to capitalise on as he seeks to gain his share of this lucrative US $30bn global market.

Salvatore approached Shell InventaGIOVANI with his idea to produce a range of natural cosmetics from donkey milk, honey and natural essential oils. Extensive market research, including a focus group of 1,000 potential clients, indicated that the idea was feasible and Salvatore was also put in touch with industry experts to help him develop his business.

Launched in 2011, Sara produces a range of organic herbal cosmetics with extra virgin olive oil and donkey milk. Products include face cream, body lotion, lip balm and lipstick and all of the organic natural ingredients are produced on Salvatore’s family farms.

In just over three years, the business has grown to employ five staff and achieves a turnover of around US $147,000. Social media platforms are powerful drivers of new business for the Sara brand, and its growing reputation in the industry has led to sales in Europe and Japan with negotiations underway to secure customers in the US and Canada. Currently, 70% of Salvatore’s sales are direct to the public with drugstores, beauty shops and hotels contributing 30%.

Salvatore uses the latest manufacturing technology to formulate and produce his cosmetics and believes the key to his success so far are the use of high quality ingredients and realistic pricing.

Future plans include establishing his own R&D laboratory in Basilicata, staffed by local employees, to use some of his profits to support humanitarian work in Africa, and ultimately to achieve sales worldwide.

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