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Vaniek Colenbrander
Amsterdam, Netherlands

By developing an attractive designer scooter with a frame produced out of bio-based composites, this innovative company proves that beautiful design and sustainability really can go hand-in-hand.

The basis for Vaniek Colenbrander’s business came from his university graduation project, the aim of which was to source sustainable materials for the production of electric scooters. This resulted in his concept for a high-end design electric scooter, with exceptional sustainability characteristics, a few years later. In 2012, Vaniek founded Van.Eko to transform his revolutionary concept into a successful business, manufacturing and selling the Be.e electric scooter.

The Be.e’s production replaces the need for plastics and metals by using a composite of natural resin reinforced with non-woven hemp fibres. This means that the body of the Be.e is much lighter and stronger than traditional scooters. It is also extremely durable, and as a result the Be.e lasts considerably longer than a regular scooter. What’s remarkable is that the entire scooter frame and body is constructed from bio-based materials which eliminate the need for a steel frame and plastic panels. Also, the Be.e is powered by electricity which results in a silent, clean and powerful mode of transportation.

Vaniek expects to have the funds for the first production run of 20 scooters within five months, and aims to have a thousand scooters on the roads of the Netherlands within four years. Because both the design and sustainability of Van.Eko scooters position them at the very top end of the current market, the trendy scooters will be sold from the company’s own outlet in Amsterdam rather than regular retail outlets. Vaniek will also pursue exposure via companies from other sectors such as trendy lifestyle home furnishings stores.

If the launch in the Netherlands is a success, it will be followed up by expansion to London, Paris and Copenhagen. Within eight years annual production of Van.Eko scooters is forecast to grow to between 3,000 and 5,000 units.

Dedicated to the development of sustainable solutions for the mobility industry, the company aims to provide the most sustainable, fun and efficient means of transport for the cities and commuters of Europe.



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