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Inside the business world, it is a fact thematic talks produce positive impacts in open-minded entrepreneurs. Besides spreading knowledge, it creates a favourable atmosphere for building new ideas or revisiting established ways of management. These events are creating the opportunity for professional networking, including the informal hallway conversations that sometimes lead to fruitful business partnerships.

That is why Iniciativa Jovem, the Brazilian version of Shell LiveWIRE, features Talks with young entrepreneurs of a track record of success in the Brazilian market. It takes place once a month and is open to members of the public. Each month, Iniciativa Jovem looks at a particular market sector and invites entrepreneurs to share their life and business story, telling how they developed innovative ideas and the path that led them to success. Towards the end of session, the entrepreneur answers questions from the audience. Iniciativa Jovem Talks brings three specific benefits:

  • they inspire current participants of the entrepreneur programme
  • puts those participants in contact with former members and other successful business people;
  • works as an strategy of promoting the Iniciativa Jovem programme to new audiences

Iniciativa Jovem Talks
2012 Season started in July and have already hosted the owner of a SME-oriented consultancy, the founder of a Brazilian food chain and the founder of a Brazilian fashion store.

October’s Talk guest speaker was Alan James, a young entrepreneur who is a former participant of the programme. After participating in the programme, he got a boost in his entrepreneurial carreer and became one of the most creative and innovative professionals working in the advertising business.The Talk was inspirational, funny and created a rapport between the audience and Alan as he is a person most could relate to. He gave good advice to the audience, like for instance: “Dreaming big or dreaming small takes the same amount of work”. Surely that Talk influenced a lot of dreamers that night.


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