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Iniciativa Jovem fair

On arriving at work on 23 August, Shell employees at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, were all surprised and puzzled to be greeted by lots of red and yellow paper airplanes tied to nylon yarns hanging from the ceiling. This artistic display provided the perfect way to draw their attention to Iniciativa Jovem’s (the name of LiveWIRE in Brazil) fair at Shell; an event which showcased the results of the programme in Brazil and to recruit volunteers from Shell to support the programme.

While the Iniciativa Jovem entrepreneurs were creating an eye catching display area, all curious Shell staff were given the event agenda and a special gift; bottles of coconut water produced by Fabio Lewin of Coco Legal, a beneficiary of the programme and an inductee to the prestigious Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame.

Eleven of Iniciativa Jovem’s entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to showcase their businesses, exchange business cards and underline the unique selling points of their businesses. The event successfully provided a high level of contact between the young entrepreneurs and the public which was valued by the entrepreneurs and the visitors alike.

Jorge Eduardo, an entrepreneur helped during the current programme, was delighted to be chosen to represent Iniciativa Jovem 2012, saying that it had been very important for the growth of his business, and for his development as entrepreneur.

One business that caught the eye was A Basi, a business that produces artisan breads out of malt discarded in beer production. The entrepreneur behind the business, Adriana Nagaia, is a member of the current programme. Another very popular stand was Danielle Gandarillas’ jewellery store, called A Feira. Danielle was the winner of the 2010 Shell Iniciativa Jovem prize and her stunning earrings, necklaces and rings were a huge hit with all the female visitors.

The event was a resounding success. Shell staff were impressed with the wide range of innovative ideas for sustainable businesses helped by the programme, and were extremely happy to receive the branded treats and special gifts handed out by the young entrepreneurs to promote their products. Curiosity wasn’t just limited to Shell staff however, and as word spread about the event, people from other companies also visited the fair. Over one hundred people registered to receive updates about the programme and to receive further information on volunteering opportunities to contribute to Iniciativa Jovem’s next steps.


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