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Cast your vote for one of the LiveWIRE NL Awards 2012 finalists

Following the Jury Day held on 5th November 2012, LiveWIRE Netherlands is proud to announce the final shortlist of four candidates in contention for the Shell LiveWIRE Award 2012.

This year’s finalists represent some of the country’s most innovative business talent, with ideas ranging from the world’s smallest adapter plug to a virtual reality device that is used to treat people who have a fear of heights or flying.


Arthur Limpens NL Arthur Limpens

Electrical power available at all times with the world’s smallest adapter plug.

No longer will people scramble around embarrassingly underneath their desk just to connect up their laptop. Allocacoc has developed the PowerCube, the world’s smallest adapter plug that can be installed anywhere, even on top of a desk.


Guntur Sandino NL Guntur Sandino

Flight anxiety patients in the clouds with virtual reality treatment.

Flight anxiety keeps many people from stepping into an airplane. Fear of hights has the same effect on people when they have to climb a tower or a staircase. CleVR has developed a successful virtual reality method, which helps patients with anxiety problems conquer their biggest fears.


Philip Ross NL Philip Ross

Twinkling new lighting concept the focal point of interest.

With the introduction of controlling light with gestures, Fonckel created a complete new dimension to lighting. By intuitive gestures made by hand on the back of the lamp, the user can adjust the intensity or the beam produced by the lamp. Depending on the gestures the beam can be broadened, focused, or be moved from left to right.

Sit & Heat

Jorg Rijkschoeff NL Jorg Rijkschroeff

Heated lounge cushion decreases costs and increases comfort.

As an alternative for the traditional patio heating, Sit & Heat has come up with an energy efficient alternative in the form of a cushion. Besides their trendy appearance and comfort, Sit & Heat’s cushions make the proprietor’s energy bills are lower and enhance the green image of his establishment.

The final four were selected by a Jury whose members are:

  • Wim Schinkel – Royal Dutch Shell
  • Paul Thewissen – Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Rens Brooimans – Mazar
  • Micha Zwaaf – IMX Capital


The LiveWIRE Netherlands programme will be hosting its national awards on 20th December at Shell HQ in The Hague.

Who will win the €10,000 prize? Cast your vote NOW for one of the Shell LiveWIRE Award 2012 finalists!


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