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Latest News / Shell Entreprendre LiveWIRES presented at major African Development Conference


  • Shell LiveWIRE Entrepreneurs attend influential New York Forum Africa
  • Forum sees more young speakers than ever before


Shell Entreprendre, the Shell LiveWIRE programme in Gabon, has showcased six of its successful young entrepreneurs at a major African development conference in Libreville.

The New York Forum Africa 2015 (NYFA) brought together an influential audience of international economic, business and political leaders to inspire development that will ensure Africa achieves its full potential within the global economy. Hosted by the Gabonese President, Ali Bongo Ondimba, the NYFA aimed to embrace the energy of the next generation, with more speakers and delegates under the age of 30 than ever before, along with a commitment to ensure female opinion plays a much greater role in future developments.

With a focus on the energy of African entrepreneurship and youth, NYFA represented the ideal platform for Shell Entreprendre to showcase the first six entrepreneurs to have received start up funding from the programme.

The six Shell Entreprendre supported entrepreneurs to attend the NYFA, who shared in funding from the inaugural programme totalling XAF 116m (US $197.8k) are:

Pemba Boussougou Marie-Noelline (26)
La Maison De L'Orthopédie

Received funding totalling XAF 31m (US $52.8k)

The difficulty in finding orthopedic products in Gabon inspired Marie-Noelline's business idea. 'The House of Orthopedics' meets a gap in the market for orthopedic supplies, and initially the business will focus on the sale of orthopedic shoes and accessories. In the future, Marie-Noelline plans to open a rehabilitation centre and to supply a range of orthopedic appliances.

Ella Mve Yannick (26)
La Source

Received funding totalling XAF 20m (US $34.1k)

While in his second year at university, Yannick was inspired by the success of large food groups and decided to start his own agri-business specialising in pig farming. In the future, Yannick hopes to become a leading producer of pork meat products.

Ndoko Bitsimdou Pierre Manet (30)
Alpha Service

Received funding totalling XAF 25m (US $42.6k)

Turning a passion for photography and audio-visual media into a commercial success is the driving force behind Pierre's business, 'Alpha Service'. The company stands out from the competition by offering a digital archiving service based on the most innovative technologies.

Kombila Djikui Franck Norrin (23)
Repas' Class

Received funding totalling XAF 18m (US $30.6k)

Enabling customers to order their favourite restaurant meals online and have them delivered to their door is the recipe for success for Franck's business. Repas' Class is meeting a gap in the market for high-end fast food for the discerning diner.

Mayombo Boulingui Alban (23)
IT Services

Received funding totalling XAF 10m (US $17k)

Providing ICT training for students and the general public in order to reduce the digital divide among sections of the population is the aim of Alban's IT Services business. This will be achieved through a mixture of workshops and seminars in the workplace and within education establishments, as well as private tuition.

Moussavou Mapaga Gabin (27)

Received funding totalling XAF 12m (US $20.4k)

With a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Gabin aims to establish his agri-business, Proagrigab, to develop innovative products for the agricultural industry.

Commenting on her attendance at the NYFA, Marie-Noelline Pemba Boussougou, of La Maison De L'Orthopédie, said, "This is the first time I've taken part in an edition of NYFA and I must say it's been a unique opportunity for me to meet people, swap ideas and attend discussion workshops on young people and enterprise.

"I've made contact with people working in the sector in which I'm starting my business, and this has given me a wider view of the development of my project.”

Franck Norrin Kombila Djikui, of Repas' Class, added, "NYFA was an incredible moment as I've never had the opportunity to attend such a prestigious international event as this. The networking opportunities presented by a large audience of government members, financiers, entrepreneurs and academics were very beneficial, and discussions with delegates presented me with some useful reflections on how to run my business. I came away with some good ideas to adapt my service to attract new customers.”

Commenting on the successful attendance of Shell Entreprendre at the NYFA, William Diouf, External Relations and Social Investment Adviser for Shell Gabon, said, "The NYFA was a great opportunity for the six young entrepreneurs to share experience and best practice with other entrepreneurs from across Africa.

"Shell Gabon is a partner of choice for Gabon, and showcased this once again during the forum by promoting the six young people who have started their entrepreneurial journey with the support of Shell Entreprendre.

"Shell Entreprendre demonstrates Shell's investment in Gabonese youth and enterprise development, and underlines its commitment to enhancing local content.”

Each of the six businesses will continue to benefit from a range of post-start up support from Shell Entreprendre including mentoring, linkages to business incubation services and market access opportunities. The funding awarded to the six entrepreneurs is made in staged payments based on the achievement of pre-agreed milestones between the entrepreneur, mentor and the Shell Entreprendre Programme Manager.


Shell Entreprendre LiveWIRES presented at major African Development Conference
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