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Latest News / LiveWIRE Malaysia pilot launches to power young entrepreneurs


A new LiveWIRE pilot programme has launched in Malaysia to encourage young people and communities close to Shell's operations to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

The pilot programme is being delivered in Sabah and is being targeted at two distinct groups. The first of these is the fishing community on Mantanani Island, and the other comprises young people in Kota Kinabalu (city of Sabah).

Two LiveWIRE Bright Ideas (BI) enterprise awareness workshops have been delivered on Mantanani Island and at Kota Kinabalu. Both of the one day workshops generated considerable interest, and demand for places far exceeded those available.

The first BI workshop, on 5th September, at Mantanani Island, was attended by 25 young people, including fishermen, homestay operators, students, housewives and those currently employed in the tourism sector as housekeepers or catering staff. The BI workshop enabled the fishing community to explore potential business ideas around eco-tourism and homestay tourist accommodation.

Four of those who attended the workshop and developed sound business ideas during the day will be invited to attend an intensive three day Become a Successful Owner Manager (BSOM) enterprise development programme in Kota Kinabalu from 28-30th October. This will equip participants with the key skills they need to research their business model and develop a viable business plan.

In addition to fostering enterprise development, the Mantanani Island BI workshop is also part of Shell's efforts to mitigate non-technical risk issues related to its offshore operations regarding environmentally damaging fishing practices.

The second BI workshop, on 8th September, at Kota Kinabalu, generated double the expected demand, and 30 local young people were selected to attend, from varying ethnic (Kadazan, Bajau, Dusun, Murut, Malay, Chinese and Eurasian) and educational (from school leavers to graduates) backgrounds. These young people have entrepreneurial ambitions in various sectors, including: agriculture, eco-tourism, IT, food and beverages, and health. It is anticipated that the majority of the Kota Kinabalu BI participants will take part in the BSOM programme at the end of October, and that by the end of the pilot a minimum of three new businesses will have successfully started up.

In order to meet excess demand for places, another BI session will be held next year, and July 2016 will see the official roll-out of Shell LiveWIRE in Malaysia to mark Shell Malaysia's 125th anniversary.

Joseph Balan, Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE Pilot Project Manager said, "Shell LiveWIRE is a proven programme that can provide the essential guidance and resources young people need to develop the interest, insight and motivation to pursue their entrepreneurial dream.

"We hope that this will have a lasting positive impact on the communities in and around our areas of operation.”


LiveWIRE Malaysia pilot launches to power young entrepreneurs
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