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Latest News / Eco-Marathon winners break record and inspire innovators of the future

Efficiency record broken infront of crowd of entrepreneurs.

The winning team of the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon Europe have broken a record for a compressed natural gas vehicle (CNG), achieving the highest level of efficiency recorded for a vehicle of its kind

Overall winning team, French Microjoule-La Joliverie, made the achievement during the Make the Future Festival, London, which celebrated ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

The Shell Eco-Marathon’s presence at Make the Future represents one of many ways in which Shell promotes the message of how innovation can be used to overcome future challenges for resources in a growing population. It is hoped the record set by Microjoule-La Joliverie does not just demonstrate the technical progress, but will inspire a generation of entrepreneurs to overcome those challenges.

The unique competition, which also takes place annually in Asia and the Americas, challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car, with teams taking to the track to see who goes further on the least amount of fuel.

The competition dates back to 1939 when Shell Oil Company employees in the USA made a friendly wager over who could travel furthest on the same amount of fuel. Since then it has expanded to two more continents, includes many energy types and sparks passionate debate around the future of energy and mobility.


Eco-Marathon winners break record and inspire innovators of the future
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