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Latest News / Female entrepreneurship spikes in Gulf countries

Female entrepreneurship has risen 150% over a three year period.

According to a new report, female entrepreneurship has risen 150% over a three year period within Gulf countries, including Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The GCC Women - Entrepreneurs in a New Economy report, undertaken by the Gulf Coalition Council, recorded the highest ever rates of female business activity within the region, representing an increase from 4% to 10% of the total business activity.

Representing $385bn of business within the Gulf, women-led SMEs in particular have seen a sharp increase in recent years. The report notes the trend is, “At the forefront of the economic transformation of the region backed by increased literacy and educational opportunities, slowly changing cultural attitudes, and government policies aimed at reducing dependence on foreign labour.” 

The report also identified similar areas of economic development, with female participation in the labour force increasing 32% in the last ten years and active roles within family-run private sectors businesses growing.

You can learn more about the reports finding here.



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