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Latest News / Olympic athletes use innovative product of Netherlands LiveWIRE


Olympic Athletes competing at the recent Rio games turned to an innovative ankle brace, developed by a Dutch LiveWIRE business, to enhance their sporting performance.

German women’s hockey player Julia Müller (AH&BC Amsterdam) and Belgian men’s hockey player Sebastien Dockier (HC Den Bosch) both wore the EXO-L ankle brace during the Rio games.

Founded by Marcel Fleuren, EXO-L was one of four national finalists in the 2015 Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands awards. In addition to business development and networking opportunities, Shell LiveWIRE also links finalists to specialist business support from Shell employees to enable the young entrepreneurs to strengthen and grow their businesses.

The plan to equip the Olympic athletes with the ankle brace originated in business mentoring sessions involving Marcel Fleuren, and two senior Shell employees. Retail Brand & CVP Team Lead Wiebe Bevelander coached EXO-L in the area of sales and marketing, while Global PR Advisor Retail, Jody Verver, helped the start-up with the development and execution of PR.

Commenting on the mentoring support she was able to provide, Retail Brand & CVP Team Lead, Wiebe Bevelander, said, “As a marketeer from Retail it was easy to recognise the big potential for EXO-L, with them serving several Olympic athletes as their clients. I set up a workshop with Jody Verver to coach EXO-L on the impact of PR, how to go about it and how PR could strengthen their sales and marketing efforts. In the end, EXO-L just needed a small nudge to set them on the right pathway, as they are bright and ambitious and eager to take on a challenge. To my mind, that is exactly the power of Shell LiveWIRE.”

Marcel Fleuren is also full of praise with the outcome of the mentoring from Shell saying, “I’m pleased with this breakthrough. This is what we have been working towards for years and our product is now ready to be used worldwide.”

The EXO-L is an external ankle brace that cleverly utilises the anatomy and natural movement of the ankle. Comfort is achieved through a 3D scan and 3D printing technology, making the product a perfect fit for the wearer. The EXO-L is not just for sports stars, and the company’s primary goal is to enable people to fully enjoy their sport or leisure pursuit without worrying about ankle problems.

Explaining the benefits of his product, Marcel said, “Millions of people worldwide suffer from the consequences of a sprained ankle every year and it is something that can happen to anyone during sporting activities. Athletes who have trained for years to fulfil their dreams of winning can have them destroyed by a simple strain. With the EXO-L Ankle Brace you can move freely, explosively and without worry.”

Summing up the impact of the LiveWIRE programme on his business, Marcel Fleuren said, “Besides the media attention of being a finalist in the Shell LiveWIRE awards, the advice of Jody and Wiebe has helped us achieve a lot in the field of PR. The pitch training was the best I ever got, and Prince Constantijn even paid us a visit at our office!”

Commenting on the benefits of mentoring through the Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands programme from both the mentor and mentee’s perspectives, Celina Wang, Programme Manager, Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands said, “Shell mentoring is proven to be very beneficial to young entrepreneurs. It is fantastic to see enthusiasm coming from both sides! This is exactly what we try to achieve as creating shared value for society.”



Olympic athletes use innovative product of Netherlands LiveWIRE
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