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Latest News / Male entrepreneurs twice as likely to receive high-value investment than females


Gender Equality 

A survey of entrepreneurs has revealed that men are twice as likely to raise high levels of funding (US $100,000+) than women. The survey, which sought to highlight international differences in funding opportunities and approaches to business between men and women, found that only 6% of women respondents had achieved over US $100,000 of funding in contrast to 12% of their male peers.

Conforming with traditional expectations of gender, male respondents spent more time on their ventures, whilst women maintained the amount of time spent with their families. 19% of women spent over five hours a day with their families, whilst only 13% of men did. In direct contrast 13% of men spent over 12 hours a day working on their businesses, whilst only 7% of women did. Researchers highlighted the significance of access to childcare and cultural expectations as a key influence on this difference. 

Other gender differences highlighted by the survey included approaches to learning, with women more likely to learn through a course or seminar, whilst men favoured reading text to improve their skills. Women also favoured networking more highly than men, with 23% believing that it was the most important business skill, in contrast to 19% of men.

Men were more likely to pursue entrepreneurship at a younger age, with a third more men starting a business aged 18-25, in contrast to 12% of the female entrepreneurs surveyed. At the other end of the scale, only 35% of men started their business aged over 35 years old, whilst 43% of the women started businesses at this age.

You can read more about the survey here.



Male entrepreneurs twice as likely to receive high-value investment than females
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