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Latest News / Women entrepreneurs lead in retail sector and service industry


Women Lead 

A new, global survey has revealed trends between male and female run businesses, including the lead women take in retail and wholesale businesses. 21% of the women entrepreneurs surveyed operate in this sector, in contrast to 15% of male entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs also led in the service industry, with 15% of women-run businesses operating in the sector, compared to only 3% of male-run businesses. Men led in the media and IT sectors, at 11% compared to 3% for women.

The Future of Business research project ‘Management Gender in Business’, published by Facebook, the OECD and the World Bank, also revealed that once women overcome institutional barriers there is no difference in confidence between male and female entrepreneurs, and that once established as business owners, women reported experiencing the same challenges as men in the daily running of their enterprises. A key exception highlighted by the report was women experiencing greater difficultly gaining access to finance.

Women are more likely to leverage online tools to make their business a success. The researchers comment, “When there is access, women use technology at comparable rates to men, sometimes higher.” In fact, women were 7% more likely than men to use online tools to demonstrate their products and services and were 6% more likely to use online tools to provide business information such as pricing, contact details and opening times. The only area in which men used technology more than women to support their business was in managing internal business processes (4%).

Businesses run by women were often smaller than those run by men, with 68% operating as sole traders, in contrast to 49% of businesses run by men.

You can view the full report here.


Women entrepreneurs lead in retail sector and service industry
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