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Latest News / Female founded start-ups grow faster



A new survey has revealed that 75% of fast growing start-ups are founded by women. The data, collected by TINYpulse for their Annual Start-Up Report, found that three quarters of businesses with 200%+ growth were started by women, and that women also outperformed men in the 100%-199% growth category, by 7 to 4.

Another interesting find was that transparency directly correlated with growth in revenue and staff count. The results of the survey identified a strong relationship between the degree to which a company grew, in particular the degree to which it expanded its number of employees, and the agreement amongst staff that the business operated transparently. Transparency far exceeded staff happiness, sense of value, benefits and work-life balance, which fell dramatically lower in correlation with the growth measures.

The survey, which interviewed hundreds of founders and thousands of employees, highlighted a trend for founders to misjudge their company’s performance as a positive workplace, consistently over-valuing their achievements as being transparent, promoting a culture in which employees feel valued and their staff’s happiness. In fact, 78% of start-up management feel they conduct themselves transparently in contrast to 69% of their employees. Furthermore, 78% believe they create a sense of valuing staff but only 70% of staff agree, and 81% of management feel they promote happiness in the workforce, but only 74% of staff agree.

The data also revealed that having more than one founder did not have a significant effect on company performance, with 57% of businesses with multiple founders achieving 20% or more revenue increase, in contrast to 55% of those with only one founder.

The full report can be viewed here.


Female founded start-ups grow faster
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