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Latest News / 81% of small business owners claim entrepreneurship makes them happy


Happy Entrepreneur 

A study polling 700 small business owners has revealed 4 in 5 identify entrepreneurship as contributing to their happiness. 94% in total identify themselves as happy, although not all directly attribute being an entrepreneur as the main cause.

This positive outlook was identified in the OPEN Small Business Monitor 2017 by American Express, which also noted that entrepreneurs’ happiness levels make a significant impact on positive business activities, such as growth, plans to hire and greater confidence. “There’s a clear correlation between business owner optimism and plans for growth,” said Susan Sobbott at American Express, who conducted the study.

One trend highlighting intention for growth was an increase in the use of social media tools to attract new customers. 65% identify an increase in the use of online social platforms for their business in the last year, in contrast to 57% in 2016. In addition, the consideration of hiring new staff was much greater than in previous years, and again correlated with the happiness of entrepreneurs; 45% in 2017 to 39% in 2016. Another positive consequence of strong happiness amongst entrepreneurs were plans to invest in increasing capital assets and the confidence to do so.

You can access the report here


 81% of small business owners claim entrepreneurship makes them happy
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