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Latest News / Shell LiveWIRE pioneer targets affordable energy for all



Jaan Pakistan, winner of the Shell Tameer Bright Energy Ideas award earlier this year, is pioneering the development of a clean cooking industry in Pakistan.

Founded by Khizr Imran Tajammul in 2015, Jaan Pakistan produces affordable clean energy cooking stoves for use in low-income, off-grid communities across Pakistan.

According to the WHO, more than 114,000 people die each year in Pakistan due to respiratory illnesses that are attributable to indoor air pollution from fires used for heating and cooking. Also, the widespread use of solid fuel is causing rapid deforestation in the country; estimates suggest that Pakistan’s forest cover will be greatly diminished by 2025. Jaan Pakistan seeks to address these problems by developing clean cookstoves which eliminate fumes from solid fuels and increase combustion efficiencies so that less fuel is needed to cook a given amount of food. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence suggests that Jann Pakistan cookstoves save roughly 50% of fuel over traditional cookstoves, and the stoves come with chimneys which eliminate nearly all fumes that are produced by burning solid fuels.

Combining technology and solar power, Jaan Pakistan has developed a range of clean cookstoves, including parabolic cookstoves, which comprise a reflective dish that concentrates the power of the sun to a focal cooking point. Another solar energy solution is the use of Evacuated Tube Technology, which traps the power of the sun in a transparent vacuum tube that acts like a baking oven. The company also produces Biomass Clean Cookstoves, modified to burn firewood, dung cakes and charcoal at higher efficiencies, reducing emissions by 80% and consuming less fuel.

In order to mobilise the adoption of clean cooking solutions within communities, Jaan Pakistan is currently working to establish a distribution network of female entrepreneurs to sell clean firewood and biomass stoves across the country. By doing so, the company hopes to improve the health of women and children who are exposed to harmful fumes from solid fuels and empower the female entrepreneurs selling its cookstoves.

Commenting on the importance of the female entrepreneur distribution network to the business, Khizr says, “Our women entrepreneurs are highly successful because they understand the cooking process and are able to communicate the benefits of clean cooking very effectively.”

The company is currently running a pilot programme in Bedian Village near Lahore, to enable it to understand domestic energy needs and culinary behaviours across off-grid communities within Punjab province. This will enable the identification of a suitable price point; test the efficacy of the community mobilisation model; and, monitor the socio-economic impact of clean cooking.

In order to better understand clean cooking and its changing impact across varying geographies, Jaan Pakistan is expanding its pilot programme to four new, distinct, off-grid environments, namely: Gilgit Baltistan; South Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Within the next decade, Jaan Pakistan hopes to be selling its cookstoves across Pakistan and also exporting them to neighbouring Afghanistan.

Commenting on the impact of the Shell Tameer award on the business, Khizr says, “Shell Tameer provided us with funding at a crucial point in our growth. It allowed us to expand our operations to villages surrounding Bedian and provided us with a platform to market our idea to key stakeholders.”

Highlighting the importance of Jaan Pakistan in the Access to Energy space, Behzad Khan, Social Investment Lead for Shell Pakistan, and Programme Manager for Shell Tameer, said, “Jaan Pakistan is not just aimed at providing clean cooking solutions, but offers an innovative and sustainable business model to empower women in the community.

“Moreover, most of Shell’s depots in Pakistan are based in rural areas and Jaan Pakistan has great potential to benefit a large number of people around Shell’s neighbourhood communities.”

Commenting on the role of Shell Tameer in supporting bright energy start-ups contributing Access to Energy solutions, Behzad added, “Access to clean and reliable energy is critical for the economic growth of energy deprived Pakistan. Shell Tameer is envisioned to contribute towards a brighter energy future by attracting and nurturing the brightest energy entrepreneurs.”



Shell LiveWIRE pioneer targets affordable energy for all
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