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Latest News / Young entrepreneurs seek social impact


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A new survey has revealed that 28% of young entrepreneurs start a business to make a positive social difference.

Global HSBC study, The Essence of Enterprise 2017, explored the characteristics of 4,000 entrepreneurs globally to identify the common traits of a successful entrepreneur. The study revealed that 28% of those in their twenties and thirties said their main motivation for starting-up was to have a positive impact on their community. This was significantly greater than their older counterparts, with 17% of over forty years old having the same motivation.

Job creation was also identified as more important by the younger generation, with 28% of those in their twenties identifying it is as an important goal for them when they were starting-up. This contrasts with 23% of those in their thirties and forties, and 14% of those in their fifties.

The study also reviewed the personal habits of successful entrepreneurs, including the length of their working day. It found a significant regional difference between entrepreneurs: European entrepreneurs work an average 9.5 hour day; US entrepreneurs work a 10 hour day; Asia-Pacific entrepreneurs have an average 10.5 hour day; and, Middle East entrepreneurs work the longest with a 12.5 hour day.

Explore the full Essence of Enterprise 2017 report here.



Young entrepreneurs seek social impact
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