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Latest News / Female entrepreneurs prioritise work-life balance


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A survey, based on 1,000 women entrepreneurs, has found that work-life balance is the single biggest priority for female entrepreneurs running small businesses. 60% of those surveyed named work-life balance as a priority.

Other priorities included developing workplace culture (16%), being viewed as an industry leader (12%), and being innovative (12%).

78% of the women surveyed reported they felt they had achieved work-life balance, only marginally less than the percent of men taking part in an equivalent survey, 85% of whom reported achieving work-life balance. The survey suggests this demonstrates the gap between different genders’ experience of work-life balance has closed in recent years.

In addition, most women participating described being an entrepreneur in a positive light. Over half (52%) commented the role was “interesting,” 48% said it was “fulfilling,” and 46% “enjoyable”. The only slightly negative description of entrepreneurship reported in high volumes was that the role was “demanding” (46%).

The Women Business Owner Spotlight Study by the Bank of America, also revealed that women were more likely to face stress as an entrepreneur than men, with 26% reporting their stress levels had increased since starting a business, in comparison to 19% of men.

Sharon Miller, Head of Small Business at Bank of America, commented, “The rules of business are changing, and women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the transformation. A majority believe that over the next 20 years, women will achieve pay equity with men and will match or exceed them in executive leadership or c-suite roles, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field representation and small business ownership.”

You can view the full study here.



Female entrepreneurs prioritise work-life balance
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