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Latest News / Women’s entrepreneurship up by 10% globally



A new report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has revealed women’s ‘Total Entrepreneurial Activity’ (TEA) is up by 10% in comparison with two years ago. The increase signifies a 5% narrowing of the gender gap in entrepreneurship participation since 2014.

Entrepreneurial intention also saw an increase of 16%.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship 2016/2017 Report estimates that 163 million women globally are starting or running new businesses. The profile of these businesses differed from comparative male or ungendered studies, including that women were 20% more likely to be motivated to start a business by necessity. In addition, in innovation-led economies, women were three and a half times more likely to than men to cite a perceived opportunity as their main motivation for starting up.

Findings also showed there has been an 8% increase in ownership of established businesses, with an estimated 111 million women globally running an established business.

The report highlighted the level of education difference between men and women entrepreneurs in Europe, which has, on average, 22% more highly educated women (undergraduate or above) than men entrepreneurs.

You can access the Women’s Entrepreneurship 2016/2017 Report in full here.


Women’s entrepreneurship up by 10% globally
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