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Latest News / South African tech entrepreneurs seek to innovate and pioneer


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South African tech entrepreneurs are starting-up because they want to innovate and be pioneers, a new survey has revealed.

14% of SA tech entrepreneurs revealed a desire to innovate and be a pioneer as the primary motivation for starting their business; more than any other motivation recorded. Close second was recognising an opportunity in the market, cited by 13% as their primary motivation. 10% reported a search for meaning within their life, and a further 10% for their own personal development. Altruism was cited by 2% as the incentive for running their own business.

The survey, which explored the profiles of South African tech start-ups, also revealed that 67% of founders had been involved in start-ups prior to the one they currently owned. 27% had been involved in one start-up previously, 22% two, and 17% three or more.

42% of those surveyed revealed they preferred working on their business from home, with only 16% opting for a traditional office. Alternative working environments were popular, with 16% opting for remote working, 13% using shared workspaces and 10% operating from an incubator or VC office.

Over half of tech start-ups reported they had taken on employees, with 56% creating 1-5 jobs, and 5% taking on 6-10 staff.

You can view the report here.



South African tech entrepreneurs seek to innovate and pioneer
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