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Latest News / Most entrepreneurs are driven by opportunity



A new report has revealed that nearly three quarters (74%) of entrepreneurs globally are driven by opportunity, rather than necessity.

North America led, with 83% of entrepreneurs motivated by opportunity, followed by Europe (75%), Asia and Oceania (74%), Latin American and the Caribbean (72%), and Africa (71%).

The latest GEM report, which surveyed entrepreneurs across 54 economies covering 64% of the world’s population, also revealed Latin America and the Caribbean have the highest number of women entrepreneurs, at 17%, and young entrepreneurs, also 17%.

Attitudes to entrepreneurship were high, with 70% of adults globally reporting they believed entrepreneurs were well regarded with high status. In Africa, attitudes were highest, with 75% of participants saying they admired entrepreneurs, and 76% viewing it as a positive career choice.

North America reported the highest proportion of entrepreneurs anticipating medium or high levels of job creation. 39% of participants in the US claimed they expected to generate jobs through their venture, followed by Asia and Oceania (21%), Europe (19%), and Latin America and Caribbean (18%). Africa reported the lowest levels of future employment expectations at 17%.

Read a summary of the report here.



Most entrepreneurs are driven by opportunity
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