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Latest News / Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada to continue powering Omani entrepreneurs


Riyada Partnership 

Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada, the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development, have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to continue their partnership, for an additional three years, to support the development of new entrepreneurs and SMEs in Oman.

The MoA builds on the previous MoU, and will continue to support entrepreneurs with a range of business development support services through training, mentoring and counselling.

The agreement was signed by Dr Ahmed Al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada, and Chris Breeze, Shell Country Chairman in Oman at Shell’s offices. Through the partnership, Riyada will support Shell Intilaaqah and the start-ups on multiple fronts including the provision of space for entrepreneur training and for the Intilaaqah offices, and access to validated follow-up statistics for all programme alumni.

The Shell Intilaaqah programme is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs between the ages of 20 and 35 years old, and SMEs through all stages of entrepreneurship, from generating a business idea, developing a feasibility study and viable business plan, to supporting the growth and sustainability of start-ups. The programme comprises five stages of modular training, counselling and support tailored to providing aspiring Omani entrepreneurs with the skillsets required to turn innovative ideas into real businesses.

Commenting on its continuing collaboration with Shell Intilaaqah, Dr Ahmed Al Ghassani said, “This partnership brings the local expertise of Riyada with the global expertise of Shell Intilaaqah together in one unique proposition that helps kick-start and propel the journeys of aspiring entrepreneurs. This is a partnership that is geared towards building connections between entrepreneurs and experienced trainers and mentors, to ultimately diversify Oman’s economy.”

Welcoming the signing of the new agreement, Chris Breeze, said, “The renewal of our collaboration with Riyada is an essential step in the right direction towards Intilaaqah’s long-standing history of empowering Omani entrepreneurs and SMEs.

“Riyada and Shell Intilaaqah both share the same objective, of nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Oman and making a real impact on our communities.”

The first stage of the Shell Intilaaqah programme involves a two-day Bright Ideas (BI) enterprise awareness workshop, which enables participants to develop robust business ideas that are relevant to the Omani market. If successful at this stage, participants will then be invited to take their ideas to the next level through the ‘Become a Successful Owner Manager’ enterprise development workshop, which involves 10 days of training to produce a well-researched, robust business plan. Participants who are in the process of starting-up will then engage with stage three of the programme, which provides them with six month’s guidance from a personal mentor to help them refine their business model and support them in the early stages of their business’ development. The fourth stage provides 12 days of specialised training modules to develop more in-depth skills in areas such as Human Resource Management & Leadership, Finance, Accounting and Marketing. The final phase of the programme provides specialised diagnostic support for businesses which are experiencing financial difficulties or facing insolvency.

Najwa Alkindi, Executive Director Shell Intilaaqah Oman, said, “The renewal of our collaboration with Riyada reflects great partnership with the Omani Government’s Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development to achieve the goal of supporting and empowering Omani entrepreneurs and SMEs.

“We both share the same objective of nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in Oman and aspire to achieve a real impact on our communities.”



Shell Intilaaqah and Riyada to continue powering Omani entrepreneurs
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