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Latest News / London and Singapore boast most connected entrepreneurs


Get Connected 

London and Singapore have been named among the top ten best places in the world for local business connectedness. Greater Helsinki and Silicon Valley came in first and second place respectively.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, produced by Startup Genome, revealed the two LiveWIRE regions as enjoying higher rates of start-up success as a result of founders being well connected within their communities. Report data directly correlated the number of local-connections with sales. It also highlighted connectedness with other founders as an important contributor to success.

Gender differences were also identified in the report, with female entrepreneurs most likely to say they want to “change the world” (56% vs 41%), whilst their male counterparts most commonly wanted to “build high-quality products” (39% vs 30%).

The report identified the global technology growth markets as: Manufacturing & Robotics, experiencing a 189% increase in early-stage funding in 5-years; Agtech & New Food (171% increase); Blockchain (163% increase); and, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics (77.5% increase).

View the full report here.


 London and Singapore boast most connected entrepreneurs
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