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Latest News / 64% of people feel supported to start their own business



The 2018 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report has revealed that 64% of people believe their family and friends would support a choice to pursue entrepreneurship.

The report, which asked participants to share what they imagine starting a business would be like, also revealed over half (54%) would be happy to sacrifice personal time to pursue their venture. Financial confidence was revealed to be the biggest barrier to starting a business, with only 38% reporting they would know how to access the appropriate funding to do so.

Amway’s publication, which represents data collected from interviews with nearly 49,000 men and women across 44 countries, also highlights 68% of under 35-year olds have a strong desire to start a business. 60% of 35-49 year olds felt the same desire to start-up, reducing to 48% for those over 50.

The data also highlighted that despite technology playing such a significant role in connecting businesses to customers, people still imagine if they started a business they would place the most focus on personal customer service. In one poll, 75% of respondents said they would see their role as personally serving customers, with the other 25% identifying a preference for serving customers digitally.

Doug DeVos, Amway President, commented, “This knowledge can help business and government leaders to make decisions and take actions that help more people start their own businesses and reach their full potential in this area. More entrepreneurs mean more opportunity, more economic growth and more prosperity for everyone.”

Download the full report here.



64% of people feel supported to start their own business
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