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Latest News / Over three in four globally have positive attitude toward self-employment


The Amway 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Report has revealed that across the globe 77% of people view self-employment positively, with 43% reporting they can imagine starting a business themselves.

Last week’s report, which interviewed over 50,000 people aged between 14 and 99 across 45 countries, discovered an overwhelmingly positive response to entrepreneurship. Latin America led the way, with 88% of respondents indicating they see self-employment as a good career choice, followed by North America, 86%, Asia, 80% and Europe, 74%.

Norway is the most positive country, with 96% of respondents indicating a positive attitude to entrepreneurship, closely followed by Vietnam, 95%, and Denmark, 94%. The Netherlands is the highest performing Shell LiveWIRE country at 86%, with 46% of those interviewed stating they can imagine starting a business. Brazil, UK and South Africa also performed well.

Independence and self-fulfilment were highlighted as the most appealing aspects of starting a business; each reported as important by approximately half of all respondents.

The report concluded its results represent a ‘changing world of work’, that ‘desire for greater flexibility is on the rise’, as well as a trend for more individuals to be ‘seeking to work independently from an employer.’

Exploring the relationship between education and entrepreneurship, the report found those with a university degree are more positive (84%), than those without a degree (74%). This difference was reflected in levels of self-employment, with 46% of higher-educated respondents being self-employed, in contrast to 37% of those without a degree.

Men were more likely to imagine starting a business, with 48% indicating they would be willing to go self-employed in comparison to 38% of women.

Whilst the report was very positive, 39% of those interviewed stated they saw self-employment as more likely in five years rather than today, whilst 22% indicated they believed self-employment was unlikely in the future. Read the full report here.



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