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Latest News / Brazilian LiveWIREs hold round table discussion to celebrate GEW 2016


Young entrepreneurs supported by Shell Iniciativa Empreendedora, the sister programme of Shell LiveWIRE in Brazil, have held a round table discussion as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, to devise solutions to the challenges facing society.

Held in Macaé, the round table event involved 56 young entrepreneurs from Macaé (Rio de Janeiro) and Vila Velha (Espírito Santo), who run businesses in a wide range of sectors, including: industrial services; IT; education; health and beauty; consulting; design; food; and, recycling.

Led by facilitators from the Shell Iniciativa Empreendedora programme, the entrepreneurs discussed enterprising solutions to key challenges facing Brazilian society today, including: urban mobility; water scarcity; new forms of consumption; poverty; and, education.

One of the many ingenious solutions to emerge during the day involved a waste management solution to alleviate poverty, involving the establishment of a recycling co-operative to help homeless people.

Another imaginative proposal was the development of a gaming app to encourage entrepreneurship in young people. The app would provide access to enterprise training opportunities, and would enthuse young people, including school children, about entrepreneurship through a series of games. It would also include content to encourage business scalability.

One of the young entrepreneurs participating in the event was Leonidas Brasileiro, of LMB Data Co., a biometric control system company. He believes the energy of the entrepreneurs attending the round table was impressive, saying, “Participating in the discussions was very stimulating. Everyone had great business solutions to the challenges and were energised to change the world for the better. I felt part of a great group!”

Priscila Pessoa, whose business, Mais Organizado, organises residential and commercial spaces in the oil and gas sector, was equally impressed by the entrepreneurial buzz created by the event, saying, “It exceeded my expectations, and it was great to spend the day with such an invigorated group of entrepreneurs, devising solutions to the important challenges facing our society.”

Commenting on the success and impact of the event, Leise Duarte, Social Perfomance Manager at Shell Brasil, said, “The Shell Empreendedora Round Table promoted engagement, reflection, innovation and solutions to business constraints faced by entrepreneurs in a crisis scenario to the real problems we face nowadays in Brazil.

“It was a unique opportunity for integration between our entrepreneurs for collective construction. It enabled them to apply their knowledge derived from the programme, and to think outside the box about realities other than those of their ventures.”

In addition to providing an invaluable networking event for entrepreneurs from Macaé and Vila Velha to develop opportunities for collaboration, Thais Oliveira, Programme Manager of Shell Iniciativa Empreendedora believes the real value of the event is in enabling the entrepreneurs to take time out of their business to reflect on their potential contribution to the wider world. “The round table was an opportunity for reflection and for the entrepreneurs to use their entrepreneurial talents to solve social challenges. Knowing that the round table dynamics could inspire real ventures, through simulations, is testament to the strength of our network,” said Thais.

Shell Iniciativa Empreendedora encourages and supports the development of innovative young entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses within the oil and gas value chain in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo states, where the industry – including Shell – is most active.


Brazilian LiveWIREs hold round table discussion to celebrate GEW 2016
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