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Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with Shell LiveWIRE International! This #GEW2016 we have brought together some of our most inspiring young entrepreneurs and asked them to share their advice for start-up success. In this video, Top Ten Innovators 2015 winner Esther Wang explains why she believes small businesses can act big and the value of mentors.

Entrepreneur: Esther Wang
Business: Joytingle Pte Ltd
Country: Singapore

Esther Wang is the creator of ‘Rabbit Ray’, an interac-tive toy used to reduce the anxiety and trauma expe-rienced by young children undergoing medical treat-ments. The current design focuses on vaccinations or intravenous and chemotherapy procedures. The visu-al nature of the toy allows it to transcend language barriers, literacy levels and race. Since the business was started in 2012 the product has been used with over 10,400 children in several hospitals throughout Singapore.


Shell Tameer and Shell LiveWIRE Let's Go Trade participent Sara Saeed highlights why testing your business model again and again makes a business stronger.

Entrepreneur: Sara Saeed
Business: DoctHERs
Country: Pakistan

DoctHERs is an innovative healthcare business that uses online technology to enable female doctors to deliver a range of medical services to female patients in marginalised communities in Pakistan. In addition to addressing the problems that disadvantaged women from low income communities face in accessing healthcare, the company also enables female healthcare professionals, both home-based doctors and community based nurses, to become re-integrated within the health sector workforce.


Malaysia 2015 winner Caroline Shirley Joimer asks you to follow your dream.

Entrepreneur: Caroline Shirley Joimer
Business: Borneo Native Herbs
Country: Malaysia

Caroline Shirley Joimer is the founder of Borneo Native Herbs, which retails local herbal drink tangkod tea.


Top Ten Innovators Merit Award winner Wajiha Tariq talks about the responsibility of entrepreneurs to support the community.

Entrepreneur: Wajiha Tariq
Business: Kaghaz Kay Karnamay
Country: Pakistan

Started by Wajiha Tariq in 2010, Kaghaz Kay Karnamay is a craft papermaking and recycling venture which repurposes waste to produce a diverse range of paper products. The low levels of capital investment required to become a handmade paper producer has generated an increase in local entrepreneurship. Since July 2015, Kaghaz Kay Karnamay has been a supplier to Shell’s media partners in Paki-stan, engaging Shell’s key stakeholders and contributing to the company’s envi-ronmental commitments.


Shell Tameer Winner and Top Ten Innovators 2015 Runner Up Syed Yasir Hassan shares his experiences in testing each part of his business and highlights the importance of passion to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneur: Syed Yasir Hassan
Business: LapPro Solution
Country: Pakistan

Syed Yasir Hassan created LapBOX to improve Pakistan’s access to new, revolutionary surgery techniques. LapBOX simulates laparoscopic surgery, providing a training resource for surgeons to learn and practice the technique at 10% of the cost comparative products are offered. Started in 2014, the business has the potential to dramatically improve access to progressive surgical training and contribute to greater funding in other areas as hospitals. 



Shell InventaGIOVANI Winner and Top Ten Innovators 2015 Merit Award Winner Alessandra Angiulli discusses why innovation and growth potential are important to a new business.

Entrepreneur: Alessandra Angiulli
Business: RI.INNOVA
Country: Italy

Started in 2014, RI.INNOVA produce and install wallboards fronted with a stone cladding made from calcarenite stone, a traditional Mediterranean material out of common use but still highly desirable for its aesthetic and technical qualities. To provide a solution founder Alessandra Angiulli invented a transformative process, producing a product that could both contend with the versatility of competitors and retain the desirability of the original material, with the added environmental benefits of using reclaimed stone.



 LiveWIREs Get Inspired GEW 2016
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