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Latest News / Netherlands’ economy is one of the world’s most inclusive


This week the World Economic Forum released their index of the world’s most inclusive economies, with Shell LiveWIRE country, the Netherlands, ranking 7th out of 109 countries,

The index was created to support the Forum’s Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017 and to highlight those countries that are best at sharing the benefits of economic growth.

Researchers used a scoring system based on areas of the economy that support social inclusion, including: education, infrastructure, ethics, investment, entrepreneurship and social protection, to evaluate each country’s performance and to build a profile of an inclusive economy. The researchers used this to answer the question, “How can we increase not just GDP but the extent to which this top-line performance of a country cascades down to benefit society as a whole?”

A significant success of the Netherlands’ performance can be attributed to its entrepreneurial strengths, including the number of small businesses registered, number of patents registered, attitudes to entrepreneurial failure and ease of starting a business.

Malaysia and Indonesia also performed well in the research, ranking 3rd and 4th in the Emerging Developing Asian Economies category.

The report’s conclusions place significant focus on the role entrepreneurship plays in fostering better social inclusion within economies, highlighting entrepreneurship as, “critical to a country’s success in expanding employment, boosting wages, and widening asset ownership, which are central drivers of progress in broad living standards.”



Netherlands’ economy is one of the world’s most inclusive
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