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Latest News / Innovation to combat harmful algae wins top Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands award

Innovative enterprise

LiveWIRE Netherlands 2014 winner, LG Sound

The inventor of an environmentally-friendly solution to combat harmful algae in waterways has scooped the main prize in the 2014 Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands Awards.

Yousef Yousef received his top Shell LiveWIRE award of €10,000 Euro (US $12,280) in recognition of the impressive success of his business, LG Sound BV. The company has developed a solar-powered floating platform, called the MPC-Buoy, which monitors water quality and transmits ultrasonic sound waves to eradicate blue-green algae; a major environmental problem which kills fish stocks and produces an unpleasant odour.

On receiving his award, Yousef said, “I’m really pleased about winning this award. It gives us, as a team, recognition for our product. Recognition that I hope we’ll also get from future Dutch customers, such as water companies.

“LG Sound has got a lot out of the coaching and guidance we’ve had from Shell LiveWIRE and the Chamber of Commerce over the past few months. I think the Shell LiveWIRE network can help us connect with other entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and experts who can help us grow further.”

On presenting Yousef with his award, Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO of the prestigious Cambridge Innovation Center said, “Innovation changes the world, creates jobs and turns ideas that change our lives for the better into reality.

“Innovative enterprise is one of the most effective tools for creating a better world. It’s great to see how Shell and the Chamber of Commerce are helping young Dutch start ups to move forward.”

The panel of judges included: Pieter Waasdorp, Director of Enterprise, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Tjarda Molenaar, Managing Director of the Dutch Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (NVP); Rinke Zonneveld, General Manager, Innovation Quarter; and, Lieke Lamb, Trend Watcher and Co-Owner of Bureau They scrutinised the four finalist’s business plans for their innovation, enterprising spirit and growth potential. According to the judges, Yousef distinguished himself on a number of those fronts with his environmental innovation, and they were particularly impressed by the way he has scaled up his company and for creating a sustainable solution combining different technologies.

Since starting up, LG Sound has expanded to employ 10 staff and has grown by 30% each year. The company has delivered more than 10,000 ultrasonic anti-algae devices worldwide for use in water purification plants and swimming pools, including the biggest swimming pool in the world in San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile which is over 1km long.

Enterprising duo, Eldert Besseling and Hugo Ekkelenkamp of Netics BV, won a special award after capturing over 50% of the votes which had been cast by visitors to the programme’s website, Their company provides ingenious dykes made from dredge spoil that reduce the cost of flood defences by a factor of ten.

This year’s four finalists were selected from an entry of 13 companies by an expert panel of judges who assessed the entrepreneurs on their innovation, business acumen and growth potential. In addition to LG Sound and Netics BV, the final four also included a thought-controlled computer game that helps to treat patients with psychological disorders, and an innovative car-sharing scheme for air travellers.

Speaking at the awards, Linda van Schaik, General Manager, Shell Retail Benelux and France said, “It’s fantastic, on a day like today, to be able to see and hear what young Dutch entrepreneurs are up to. Innovation and enterprise are the key to economic success for the Netherlands and the Shell LiveWIRE programme is a great breeding ground and showcase for innovation.”

“More than ever, the new generation of young, innovative entrepreneurs form the foundation for the Dutch economy,” added Claudia Zuiderwijk, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce’s Management Board. “So, it’s important for us, at the Chamber of Commerce, to continually draw the attention to innovation by bringing together innovative start ups and bigger, established companies, for example.”

Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands helps innovative young entrepreneurs to develop their companies by providing coaching and a professional network, which improves their resilience and prospects for success and growth. Shell LiveWIRE focuses specifically on innovative young entrepreneurs, complementing the fact that innovation is the driving force behind the Dutch economy. Shell LiveWIRE is delivered in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, supporting around 600 entrepreneurs each year.



Innovation to combat harmful algae wins top Shell LiveWIRE Netherlands award
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