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Latest News / Let's Go Trade Case Study: Growbox


Ronaldiaz Hartantyo

IDEAS Indonesia (Growbox), Badung City, Indonesia

Visited: US Cities – Seattle, New York, and San Francisco

Dates: October - November 2015

Grant: US $3,000

Ronaldiaz’s business, IDEAs Indonesia, is the retailer of the unique invention Growbox, a DIY mushroom cultivation kit. He is also looking to diversify his business into bio-based material production.

A key aim for Ronaldiaz’s Let’s Go Trade (LGT) visit was to make contact with a company that is a leader in the development of the bio-based material technology processes he is researching, that could offer and invaluable insight into the industry and would support the diversification of his business.

He also used his LGT grant to visit other leading research organisations in this filed, including: the largest research project of its kind in Green Island, New York; and Stanford University in San Francisco. Ronaldiaz also spent time at a science-based incubator in Seattle.

LGT enabled Ronaldiaz to gain his first experience of international business research and networking, and enabled him to develop important relationships within the bio-based material sector. These connections are extremely valuable to IDEAS Indonesia, as there are no similar established businesses in Indonesia. As a result of expanding his network through his LGT visit, Ronaldiaz has also received mentoring to help progress his idea.

With plans to scale-up in his bio-based material ambitions, LGT provided Ronaldiaz with both the knowledge and contacts to develop and improve his business’ potential. Commenting on his LGT visit, Ronaldiaz said, “We were struggling to find the right mushroom recipe before the trip and we had no idea how to scale it up into a mass production business, but the trip gave us the knowledge of how to move forward.

“LGT enabled us to develop a successful prototype and we are going to develop a factory to start production.”

In the future Ronaldiaz intends to develop his product and bring it to the industrial materials market, with packaging and furniture also on the cards. Talking about the potential of IDEAS Indonesia he says, “It’s a blue ocean business which no-one in Indonesia has touched. It’s a low cost, low embodied energy eco product which brings great social impact.”



Let's Go Trade Case Study: Growbox
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